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Custom Budgie Charm

Get your own one of a kind budgie charm

Design a custom charm to celebrate your special budgie, or your dream bird! When ordering, please provide a photo or drawing of your bird for reference. If there are any features of the bird that are not well represented in the picture (such as eye color), please mention this in the description box provided. This description box is also where you can describe the bird's expression or add a very simple accessory to the design.
Because of their small size, the detail on accessory items are limited. These charms are designed to be worn on keychains and phones and are simplified in order to minimize weak points. Examples of acceptable items are: small hats, necklaces, flat scarves (a crochet scarf will be simplified to a braid), and flat clothing.
A typical hand-crafted budgie charm is approximately 2 cm tall, 1.5 cm wide, and 2 cm long. Slight size adjustments are made for fancy and crested budgies. It comes with your choice of a cell phone strap, keychain ring, or necklace cord, and arrives in a black gift box. These budgies are usually made and ready to ship within 3 to 5 days.

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